The teacher asked Joe whether he stole three atoms of sodium.

Joe said, "Na Na Na!"

The most beautiful experiment in chemistry

As we start celebrating the International Year of Chemistry, let's think about chemistry and beauty. What makes an experiment beautiful? Does it have to be clever, or prove something unbelievable? And which is the most beautiful of them all?

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Using nanotechnology for drug delivery

Today, when you have an illness, you have to take medicine in several doses, as pills or syrups. Imagine a day when you have to take the drug only once, and it works a whole lot better. Nanotechnology can help do that.

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Urea and the beginnings of organic chemistry

Urea is one of the most important chemicals in use today - as a fertiliser and industrial raw material. It is also the chemical that gave birth to the science of organic chemistry. Let's see how.

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Imagine you're an electron on a motorcycle, zooming along on a smooth, empty road. No speed breakers or potholes to stop you. In an instant, you've reached your destination. Well, for an electron, such a road is called a superconductor.

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Artificial Diamonds

It is said that diamonds are a girl's best friend. But does that mean artificial diamonds are false friends? Not really, for they are quite useful to humans for many reasons.

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Artificial Leaves

Did you know that just one-thousandth of the sun's light that reaches the earth could satisfy all of humanity's energy nine times over? What if we capture this energy cheaply? Perhaps, artificial leaves are the answer?

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The Hydrogen Economy

Today, we rely on carbon-based fuels for almost all our energy needs. Coal is used for electricity and petroleum products for moving vehicles. But these cause pollution and global warming. Many scientists and economists have suggested moving to a hydrogen-based economy.

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The History of Gold Mining

Gold has always fascinated humans. There are poems about it, as much as there were wars about it. Let's look at the history of how humans have sought this shiny metal.

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The Many Ages of Ice

We've heard scientists telling us that global warming is causing the ice in Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean to melt. Did you know that these ice sheets hold some secret stories in them? It's the story of how our earth's atmosphere changed over many millions of years!

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Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

The 19th century was a turning point in India's history, with many new technologies introduced by the British. Inspired, some Indians wished that our country too should be at the forefront of discovery. That's how India's oldest scientific research institute started.

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