A piece of ice fell in love with a Bunsen burner. To his flame the ice said, I melt inside when I see you.

The burner retorted it's just a phase!

Know your chemical value

Interested in knowing the value of the chemicals of your body? Well, let's take a look at the elements from which you are made.

Your body contains approximately:

65% Oxygen
18% Carbon
10% Hydrogen
3% Nitrogen
1.5% Calcium
1% Phosphorous
0.35% Potassium
0.25% Sulfur
0.15% Sodium
0.15% Chlorine
0.05% Magnesium
0.0004% Iron
0.00004% Iodine

Also human body contains trace amounts of other elements like silicon, manganese, fluorine, copper, zinc, arsenic and aluminium.
What is the going rate for a body's worth of these elements? One US dollar! Aren't you surprised?

Let's see if we can bump the price up a bit, tan your hide for use as leather. Your skin would be worth about $3.50 if it were sold at the price of a cow hide, which runs around $0.25 per square foot. So, if you take a dollar's worth of elements plus the value of your skin, you might be able to get $4.50, which we'll round up to $5, so you'll feel better about your chemical value.
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