A chemistry teacher asked her student one important thing he learned in the lab.

The small boy replied, “Never lick the spoon!”

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Everyday Chemistry - All you ever wanted to know about cloud seeding

Have you ever wondered if you could make rain when you're feeling hot? Or just whenever you want? Learn how this can be possible with cloud seeding.

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Everyday Chemistry - How is artificial rain made?

What's common to boiling water, artificial rain and the Mentos-Diet Coke reaction? It's nucleation! Let's see what that means.

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History & Future - The chemical history of photography

Today, with a digital camera, we can snap / an image, upload it on the net and share it with our friend in a jiffy. But when photography started, it took hours to take a photograph, which would come out very blurred. Let's take a trip backward in time, and see how photography began.

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