1. What is the procedure for applying for this award?
Applications may be received from eligible teachers through the following avenues:

  1. Through ACT regional offices: ACT will disseminate the forms though their six regional chapters. The details of these chapters are mentioned on the form under 'Rules and Regulations'.
  2. Individual Entries: If you fit the criterion, you could fill in the Best Chemistry Teacher Award 2011 Nomination Form.
  3. Through a nominator: You could nominate a teacher and request them to fill in the nomination form.

2. Where do I submit my application form?
There are three ways in which you may submit the completed forms:

  1. You can fill the details online at: www.humantouchofchemistry.com/teachers-award/nomination-forms.htm
  2. You may e-mail a scanned copy of the completed form to: mailto:awards@humantouchofchemistry.com
  3. You may courier / post the completed forms to:

    Professor Dr. D V Prabhu
    General Secretary,
    Association of Chemistry Teachers,
    NIUS Building, Room No. 103,
    Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR),
    V N Purav Marg,
    Mankhurd, Mumbai 400 088

3. What is the eligibility criterion?
The nominee must be engaged in teaching Chemistry at Class XI and XII, Graduate and Post Graduate level. The nominee should have been teaching Chemistry for a minimum period of 10 years.

4. Who is organizing this award?
The year 2011 has been declared as the International Year of Chemistry (IYC) by the United Nations. This is a worldwide event that will focus on Chemistry and its contributions to the well being of mankind. As part of the IYC celebrations and to acknowledge the contribution and efforts of individuals involved in imparting the knowledge of chemistry, Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL) has partnered with Association of Chemistry Teachers (ACT) and organized the Best Chemistry Teacher Award 2011.

5. What is the last date for applying?
The last date for sending your nomination (through any one of the three avenues mentioned above) is 30th October 2011.

6. Can teachers from private institutions send their nominations?
Only those in active service as regular teachers in recognized institutions in India are eligible to participate

7. Are there any fees for applying?
There are no fees for applying. If you meet the eligibility criteria then simply fill out your nomination form and send it to the address mentioned above.

8. Who will be screening the applications?
The applications received through all three avenues will be screened by eminent members of the Association of Chemistry Teachers (ACT) and also evaluated by a panel of experts selected from various institutes

9. Who are the panelists?
The panel comprises of members from ACT and other experts selected from institutes across the country. The panelists are drawn from some of the most renowned academic institutes, research organizations and corporate houses in India. For more details click here

10. Can a school teacher apply?
This award is applicable only to Chemistry teachers of Class XI and XII, graduate level and post graduate level and above.

11. What will the award constitute?
The award will constitute of a cash prize and a gift hamper comprising of products from various Tata Group Companies.

12. Can I simultaneously also apply in other competitions of similar nature or otherwise if they are currently on?
Yes you can.

13. Will there be a Regional level award as well?
These are National level awards.