Q: Which is the most gullible element?

A: Pb. It's easily lead.

The curious case of High BMI and Low Dementia

Everyone's talking about weight loss but here's a revelation: Being heavily built lowers the risk of dementia as one gets older.

A recent study has shown that carrying a few extra pounds can help you stay off dementia in old age, as a high Body Mass Index (BMI) has been found to correlate with lower prevalence of late-age brain degeneration as compared to people who are underweight.

Dr. Nawab Qizilbash and his team of experts, from Oxone Epidemiology studied nearly two million people 40 years and older. Results showed the people with a BMI lower than 20 faced a 34 percent higher risk for dementia than people with a BMI over 40.
Future research will require a deeper understanding to confirm this trend isn't anomalous, so don't go on piling on weight just yet.

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