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The secret about smog

On a cold winter morning, if you take a walk outside in our nation's capital, you are likely to be surrounded by a thick cloud of smoke. And you may not be able to see anything at all. This is because of smog. Here is a little clarity about why things get smoky during the winters.

Step out on a cold winter's day in Delhi and you may see thick dense cloud all around you. It is not just smoke or just fog. It's a combination of smoke and fog known as smog. It is caused by the smoke from air pollution. Smog is not new. The first effects of smog were way back in 1873, London.

Particulate matter

Smog forms when sunlight reacts with nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere. These result in tiny particles forming in the air called particulate matter, and ground level ozone.

The effect of smog

Smog is made up of unhealthy substances called pollutants. These include smoke from automobiles, fine particles from factories and construction sites. The most harmful pollutants are ground level ozone and small particulate matter. Smog is not the magical misty cloud that you see in movies; it's a harmful cloud of smoke. Smog can make your eyes itchy, give you a sore throat and make it hard for you to breathe. Smog can even make it difficult for your body to fight against infection.

The first smog was in 1873 in London.

Where smog occurs

Smog can occur in any place where there is lot of pollution. It is mostly in places surrounded by hills and mountains.Places that have warm, sunny weather can have smog as the warm air prevents vertical air circulation. If there is no wind, pollution cannot blow the smog away to another place. It remains still.

What you can do to prevent smog

Now that you know how harmful smog can be; it's time to do your bit to stop smog. Since one reason for smog is automobiles, try to avoid using them unnecessarily. When travelling short distances, either walk or use a bicycle. Use public transport when you have to travel long distances.

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