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Want to Lose weight? Smell a Banana

Research says that you can lose weight by just smelling bananas or green apples.

Overweight people gets attracted to sweet smells which trigger hunger pangs and lead to over eating. Scientists tested the benefits of food odors to suppress rather than stimulate appetite; and found that there seemed to be certain smells, which caused overweight individuals to reduce their cravings - and eat less.

Specific aromas can deprogram overweight people whose normal response to the smell of rich.

There are other chemicals also that contributes to the overall smell but the main aroma compound in bananas and green apples is Isopentyl Acetate (C7H14O2). Those who were good at smelling the compounds, have experienced some weight loss. The average was about 4.7 pounds or 2.1% of weight.

So there just might just be in some truth in smell green apples or bananas and losing weight.
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